Return Policy

Return Policy

You have 14 days to change your mind and return the product to us.


You have the right to return the whole order or part of it within 14 working days from the date you received it. Once we have received your returned product(s), you will receive a confirmation email from us

The product must be in perfect condition, in its original form as you received it.

Return will be accepted only after company’s approval. The company bears no responsibility for any damages or wear of the products as long as they have been used properly and has the right to refuse the refund from the moment the conditions are not met.

In the event of a defective product or damage upon receipt, the customer is obliged to immediately send us a photo of the defective package or product to the company’s email as proof. (Please refer to paragraph damaged or defective items for more details).

The customer is obliged to pay the return fees. Unpaid returns will not be accepted by the company and will return to the customer.

Every return is done via a partner transport company after our consultation and never unilaterally. The company undertakes full guidance on how to return your product.



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